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Joel Plys provides the classic steps learned from the innovators of Balboa. What you will find on this DVD are moves that have inspired the latest generation of Balboa dancers, instructors across the globe have used these figures to build on their basics.


After reviewing the classic footage, certain moves were done repeatedly by the Balboa greats. It’s time to put them all together for you. Vintage clips of some moves were included as inspiration – right here on this DVD!


Volume 1 includes:


- Maxie Dorf Classics

- Maxie Rocks

- Maxie Slide

- Stop Step

- Crossover Hesitation

- Reverse Turns

- Willie Desatoff Classics

- Triple Turn Combo

- Willie Slides

- Beach Clip Classics

- The Helwig (Jack Helwig)

- HTH Crossovers

- Texas Tommy Switch

- Anne Mills Basic Footwork

- Anne Mills Crossovers


This is a DVD for Int/Adv Balboa dancers, which assumes that you have these as solid basics: Lollies, Throwouts, Crossovers and Pop Turns.


Volume 2 contains 12 additional classic moves.

Part of the 2PlySwing Balboa DVD Series - Buy all 7 and save $$


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Bal-Swing Classics - Volume 1

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