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THANK YOU for pre-registering for our upcoming session at Elite Ballroom
136 Morrisville Square Way
Morrisville, NC 27560

Please choose above if you are planning to take ONE, TWO, THREE, or FOUR classes with us (contact us if you want to do all 5)
REMEMBER - we must have at least 6 people pre-registered so please share our schedule with other dancers to be sure the class you want takes place!!!


             MONDAYS  (APR 1, 8, 15, 22)***
                 6:30 - INT+ Swing** - 6 & 8-count figures, Charleston, Lindy, Jazz, and more focusing on Partner Dancing vs Pattern Dancing

                 7:30 - INT Balboa* - recommended for those that have completed 2-3 of our BEG Balboa series.  We explore building on
                                                      foundation figures and adding more complex moves, styling, and student suggestions.


                 ---> (due to low pre-registration #s, the 8:30pm Solo Jazz Routines class will be held at 7:30pm) <---

                 8:30 - SOLO JAZZ ROUTINES - there are many "Classic" Vernacular Jazz Routines that have stood the test of time and done in
                                                                     communities across the globe.  Joel has been in communities where all of these great dances listed
                                                                     are done socially with many joining in the fun.  The goal of these classes is to get through as many
                                                                     routines as possible with a primary focus on the quality of movement for each individual step and
                                                                     how to incorporate this into your social dancing. 


                                                                     APRIL FOCUS:  The Shim Shams & Break Steps

Other Classic Routines:

  • Shim Sham (original)

    • PLUS other Shim Sham versions:  Al & Leon, Dean Collins, Frankie/Chazz, Slip Slop

    • PLUS 12 "Break Step" variations

  • Tranky Doo (Spirit Moves), "Frankie" Doo (Tranky Doo Frankie Manning style)

  • The Big Apple (from Keep Punchin')

  • One Man Dance (Tap Routine)

  • Stops I, II, and III (has partner elements as well)

  • The Trickeration (choreographed by Norma Miller)

  • Mama's Stew (choreographed by Mama Lu Parks)

  • The Madison (1950s line dance)

  • Jitterbug Stroll (choreographed by Ryan Francois)

  • The Charleston Stroll (choreographed by Sing Lim)

  • Killer Boogie (Boogie Woogie footwork choreographed by Marcus Koch)

             WEDNESDAYS  (APR 3, 10, 17, 24)***

                 8:30 - BEG Lindy Hop - we recommend taking this class 3 times before moving to INT+ Swing.  Learn the basic footwork and
                                                           figures of LINDY HOP.  If you are going to call yourself a "Swing Dancer" then you need to learn this
                                                           dance which optimizes the Swing Era. It is an 8 count dance that is taught with a pulse, moving down into
                                                           the floor. It can be danced to various tempos with an African based posture and feel.  Lindy Hop is usually
                                                           danced to the music of the 1930s & 1940s or to any music that "swings".

                 *** if we do not get enough pre-registrations {at least 6} then we will offer:

                 PRIVATE LESSONS -  evening will be devoted to private lessons.  Please contact us to book time for yourself.

                                                       Typical times will be between 4:30-7:30.  AM or mid-day option might be possible.

                                                       Private lessons are held at our home studio (aka kitchen floor) located 6min from Elite Ballroom.

                                                       Once booking is complete we will share address information.  PRIVATE LESSON RATES


Pre-Registration is ONLY available until Week 1 is complete, then
DROP IN ($15) PAY AT THE DOOR is the only option for payment


* To participate in Intermediate Balboa you MUST know the up-hold and down-hold basic Pure Balboa footwork and the following moves:
Comearound, Throwout/Toss Out, Lollies, Crossovers/Out & Ins, Pop Turns, Ad Libs, Paddles, & Crab Walks.

** To participate in the Intermediate Swing class you MUST know the 8-count Swingout, 6-count basic footwork, and Lindy Charleston footwork.

If you don't know some of the requirements listed above please contact us for a Private Lesson and we will get you prepared to join the Intermediate level class!

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