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Joel Plys


Joel has taught all over the US (33 states and counting) as well as 12 different countries:  Australia, Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Scotland and Sweden.  

Know that you are hiring a well seasoned, diverse teacher that has worked with many different communities all over the world.

In 2011, Joel was inducted into the Camp Hollywood Hall of 
Fame and in 2014 inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame.

He has a full knowledge of various styles from years of study that he shares in his instruction of Balboa, Lindy, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Jazz Movement, and Pre-Swing dances (Texas Tommy, One Step, etc).

To 'preserve' a dance, you must understand the technique and characteristic fundamentals of that dance.  For a dance to 'evolve', you must be open to everyone adding creative elements to that dance.  Joel encourages students to study and be open to “differences” so that they can make the dance their own. He embodies these qualities in his instruction and dancing while remembering the true reason we dance - for FUN!


If you would like Joel to teach a topic not listed just contact him and we'll see what we can do to offer it!


Teaching dance is a completely separate skill set from dancing socially or competing.  Joel has trained teachers in Germany, Australia, and the USA. He is proud to be asked back to many
major workshops based on his teaching skills.


Teacher Training topics include:

  * Joel's Top 10 Teaching Tips
  * Dances of the Swing Era
  * Keys for Leaders & Followers
  * Lead/Follow 101
  * Breaking it down / 4MAT Modeling
  * Handling class situations
  * Mock classes


All participants receive a copy of
supporting documents for the topics above.


Seminars may include a general overview of
teaching or specific Swing dance genre focus.  


Joel has had the pleasure of teaching with the amazing followers listed below. He is open to teaching with a follower in your community to fit your budget!

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