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This DVD will teach you even more moves in Balboa – sometimes called Pure Balboa. All of the variations shown are danced in the closed position, and are built on the foundation moves from the DVD: Balboa Moves, Volume 1.


Make sure you have your basic Balboa technique solid and you will be on your way to mastering the 12 new moves on this DVD, including:


- THE SECRET to combining all the Balboa moves

- Serpentine Variations

- Pivot Variations

- Crabwalk Variations

- and more!

Part of the 2PlySwing Balboa DVD Series - Buy all 7 and save $$


Enter the code BalboaDVDset at checkout for 25% off when you purchase the set of 7 Balboa Instructional DVDs

Balboa Moves - Volume 2

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