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What do you get when you put 22 Champion Lindy Hop Instructors on the same DVD?


An amazing instructional DVD with 26 chapters on footwork, body movement, and styling for Lindy. Dude. Wow.


PLUS:  Hat tricks with Shesha!


- Joel Plys & Alison Scola

- Marcus Koch & Barbl Kaufer

- Minn Vo & Corina Acosta

- Doug Silton & Sarah Breck

- Dax Hock

- Ben Morris

- Shesha Marvin & Nikki Klaus

- Jerry Jordan

- Zack Richard & Maryse Lebeau

- Jim Cruzen & Margie Adams

- Solomon Douglas & Noni Clarke

- Daniel Newsome & Tiffiny Wine

- Andrew Sutton.

Footwork & Styling for Lindy Hop: Volume 1

  • If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase please simply contact us and we will send you a new product that meets your needs or refund your money as soon as we receive the product back from you.  We're sorry but shipping fees cannot be refunded or reimbursed if you make a return.

  • United States

    1-4 DVDs = $5
    5+ DVDs = $10

    International (anywhere outside the U.S.)
    1-4 DVDs = $15
    5+ DVDs = $20

    * If ordering more than one DVD, you will specify the quantity when you checkout.

    * If ordering 5 or more please select the BULK DVD ORDER shipping option at checkout or there may be a delay with your order and we will have to send you a Paypal request for the additional shipping charges.

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